PREORDER: Reshaped by Truth


PREORDER: Reshaped by Truth


SHIPS ON: June 19, 2019

By preordering the Reshaped by Truth, you are proclaiming to yourself that you are prepared for an honest assessment of your life - you are ready for truth telling and truth receiving - so that you may dare to live a different experience. Furthermore, you recognize that negative language, thoughts, choices, excuses, and sometimes those who are regarded as friends, family, and colleagues have caused you harm and are significantly impacting your health and well-being. This book eight components address some of life’s most challenging issues, providing the reader with the necessary tools, practices, and rituals to engage in transformative self-discovery for authentic self-care.

Lisa C. Williams
The Whole Life Coach

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“Lisa’s approach to Self-Care is fresh, authentic, and spiritually powerful. She peels the onion with precision and gets to the heart. No hiding behind excuses allowed. Clearly the best approach to Self-Care I have ever experienced!”

Marsha Sampson Johnson
Retired SVP, Human Resources
Southern Company

"Lisa is a rarity, an extraordinary coach for coaches. 'Physician heal thyself,' when one is wise enough to heed that advice, one comes to Lisa.

Lisa is a coach of courage, having the insight to see into my core essence and the unique ability to support me on a journey of introspection . . . one that uplifts me to access my own courageous answers. In the coaching process, Lisa dares differently with the end result that we can optimally identify and own our choices . . . and our destiny."

Sharon J. Simpson-Joseph, Esq.
WINGS Coaching & Strategic Consulting

“Lisa’s personal transformation and self-care guidance prevented me from taking my life. Lisa saw me in all of my emotional and physical pain from across the room, as those standing next to me, looked straight through me, as if I was invisible. Lisa, thank you. Because of your keen insight and self-care intervention on that day, my mother did not have to plan a funeral for her eldest daughter.” 

33 years old

"Little did I know that a chance introduction to Lisa Williams would evolve into her becoming my mentor, my coach, and most of all, my friend. Her brilliance and life experiences have uniquely shaped her perspective and how she helps you successfully engage life's most challenging issues.  Without question, Lisa should be your go-to person when you finally realize that life isn't a dress rehearsal, is more than a lifestyle, and requires intentionality to build resilient and impactful individuals, families, communities and a personal legacy with extraordinary results.”

Dr. Sherry
Clinical Psychologist, 
Author & Media Personality

"Lisa is a force of truth and light. To spend any time with her is to spend time elevating one’s self. Not only is her own life inspirational but she helps us all see and believe in the inspirational gifts we each possess. Her self care message is a perfect medley of tough love and gentle motivation. The first step to changing your life is to decide that you are truly ready. The next step should be calling Lisa."

Kelly Beaty Smith
Founder & President
Girl Power, Inc

"Courageous, compassionate and intentional" are the words that come to mind when I think of Lisa Williams. I have benefited tremendously from her self-care example and her work. I highly recommend her to everyone regardless of age or stage. Being our best selves gives others permission to do the same.”

Nina R. Hickson, Esq.

“During our Women’s Retreat, Lisa masterfully led a workshop on Self-Care that went well beyond the typical self-care discussion that focuses on manicures and bubble baths. Lisa (brings) a new practical meaning to the “abundant life” that we have through Jesus Christ. Thank you Lisa, for your witness, your joy, your passion for life, it has truly touched, taught and inspired many to live differently, to live better, to live fully.”

Natosha Reid Rice
Associate General Counsel, Real Estate and Finance
Habitat for Humanity International

“Lisa’s journey has inspired me in ways nothing else could. Hearing her daily affirmation and encouragement challenged me to be my best version of myself. And so I began. I examined my lifestyle and health, conferred with my physician and incorporated Lisa’s healthy eating suggestions of thinking before I eat, including juicing as a daily practice and primarily consuming a plant-based diet. This practice provided an increased amount of energy and clarity. I have found my “dance” — my preferred choice of exercise, and I am running again. My intentional changes helped me to lose 20 pounds! I now know on a personal level, that Conscious Living at its core is self-care, and that it’s not hard or expensive. 

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your journey with me and encouraging me to begin my own."

Denise Chaney
Narratus Creative